About Us

We deliver the most advanced strategies for your business

With modern equipment, along with professional production management, skilled technical team, TDB Hanoi Company brings high quality products, guaranteed delivery schedule, and reasonable price. Meet customers’ different requirements and needs.

The strength that makes TDB brand different is: Specialization in each department, high responsibility and serious and careful technical supervision to create perfect products in every detail. smallest. In addition, the departments regularly exchange work, share difficulties and initiatives to build a more dynamic, creative and professional TDB in each project we participate in.


Satisfied Clients

Feeling satisfied and confident when choosing TDB as a long-term production partner for my company.

We deliver products to the world.

We have a professional supply system for domestic and foreign partners. Ensure products are delivered to customers quickly.


To become a company with a position and reputation in the field of CNC mechanical manufacturing and processing, raising influence and orienting towards high technology to create productivity, enhance value and meet demand. of domestic and foreign customers.

With a vision of the next 5 years, we can confidently become one of the members in the global supply chain for precision mechanical processing products, and also one of the reputable partners with customers. goods in the world.

Manufacturing and manufacturing mechanical products with perfect precision and best quality. And provide optimal technology solutions that bring effective value to customers when coming to TDB Hanoi Co., Ltd.

With the focus on putting the customer's value first, we always ensure that our products meet the set schedule, quality is controlled, and delivery is on time.